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RentPae is a website and mobile application-powered product addressing the problem of single rental payment. It provides tenants a credit facility to pay their rent and deposits in installments. The installments plans are flexible and can accommodate monthly to weekly basis payments. In case of hardships or other challenging circumstances, tenentscan defer installments/ repayments for up two weeks without any costs or overdraft fees


The go-to money app built to help create value for college students, and the communities they support.

Project List
Project List

ATK Distribution

Industrial hemp wholesale and distribution website that specializes in offering premium quality hemp-derived vapes and edibles with below 0.3% THC. This is B2B business with slight presence in consumer market.

Jewl Art Emporium

Jewel Art Emporium is an online storefront / platform to offer glass and handcrafted jewelry to the enchanting world. This 400-year-old art form, exclusively handcrafted features intricate gold designs meticulously crafted on delicate glass.

Project List
Project List


Integrating spare change savings into a digital wallet can help automate and simplify saving small amounts frequently. This concept involves rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar and transferring the difference to a savings wallet.


XCredit is a digital wallet app and peer-to-peer platform that allows users to build their credit score by fulfilling transactions on time

Project List
Project List


BullOn M is a platform that facilitates WhatsApp marketing, offering businesses tools to engage with customers through WhatsApp.


Vulse is a next-generation payment system that allows you to earn rewards in under 10 minutes.

Project List
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